Doreen Virtue Leaves the New Age Movement for Christianity

The High Priestess Card of the Tarot is the bringer of wisdom between the light and the dark. She represents the fertile ground where wisdom bears fruit and the giver of knowledge of the unity of all things. She is the virgin queen with the moon at her feet holding the two pillars as guardians…

Is Tarot a Tool for the Devil?

I recently saw a post by a member of a Tarot card group asking if it was OK to believe in Jesus Christ and still work with Tarot and Oracle cards. The concern she had was if Jesus would condemn her because of her belief in the cards. You may recall Doreen Virtue, whose multi-million…

The Alchemystic Woodcut Tarot by DW Prudence: A Review

v I’ve never been gifted a Tarot deck before. That is until Tarot deck creator, D.W. Prudence contacted me with an offer to receive The Alchemystic Woodcut Tarot to review. I’d seen Benebell Wen’s review on the deck and became intrigued with the colors, the woodcuts themselves , and the idea of ‘collecting’ this deck seemed a…

We are all The Fool

We are all THE FOOL….. Appearing ready to head out on this new adventure, the fool is dressed for success. She has the tools necessary to manage the rough terrain, the stars of fortune are aligned just right and the trusty lupine companion is at her side to herald that first big leap of faith.…

Wisdom in the Tarot

I’ve been in hermit mode. Not hiding, but feeling like I’ve had to withdraw from blogging, doing readings, posting on my social media feeds. Perhaps it’s the symptoms of a long and dark winter combined with the start of a new job with immense responsibility and challenges. In any case, I’ve needed distance to feel…

Tarot: A kind of Quantum Computer?

I first became familiar with Quantum theory back in 2010 when I was a nursing student completing my acute psychiatry placement. One of the patients there was a Native man who suffered from bipolar disorder, but who is also one of this country’s most brilliant minds when it comes to Quantum physics. In order to understand his…

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